Transition and Youth Transition

Over forty years ago, Atlantis was founded by a small group of people seeking to escape nursing home life and live in the community—and we are proud to continue in that tradition with our transitions program. We believe it is important that individuals with disabilities live in the community, rather than being segregated into institutions and facilities where they can be mistreated and forgotten. Everyone deserves the right to freedom, independence, and risk, with fully and informed consent to every part of their lives.

Transition services are specifically provided to individuals living in nursing homes or Developmental Disabilities Systems’ regional centers. You must be eligible for Long Term Care through Medicaid in order to take advantage of this program. More detailed eligibility criteria can be found here:

If you are referred to us for transition services, and suitable housing is available, you will be assisted in your move by our dedicated Transition Coordinator, and allowed up to $1,500.00 to pay rent deposits and secure necessary home goods, such as bedding, towels, dishes, and furniture.

If you are currently living in a nursing home or DDS regional center and/or would like more information about transitioning into the community, please Contact Us.

Transition and Youth Transition photo of two people
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