Consumer Rights

Your rights as a consumer of Atlantis Community, Inc.’s services:

  • To be treated with respect, with your dignity and privacy protected at all times to the best of our ability.
  • To live in your own home in whatever lawful manner you choose.
  • To make decisions about your own life by yourself, and without undue influence from us.
  • To set your own Independent Living goals, and decide when they have been achieved.
  • To stop receiving any service, or to change your mind about how you receive any of our services, or change which services you receive, at any time.
  • To know about all of Atlantis’ services and eligibility requirements up front and upon request, without anything kept secret or unexplained.
  • To bring an advocate, aid, and/or translator to any meeting that you have with Atlantis staff or volunteers, or any meeting that takes place on Atlantis Community, Inc. property.

Your responsibilities as a consumer of Atlantis Community, Inc.’s services:

  • Show up for your appointments on time, or give advance notice before being late or absent. You must schedule and reschedule your own appointments as needed.
  • Treat Atlantis’ staff with the same respect provided to you.
  • Create your own Independent Living goals and work toward them.
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