Consumer Grievance

Atlantis Community, Inc. encourages all consumers to resolve conflicts with our staff by speaking with the staff member directly. If you cannot solve your problem in this way, however, you may contact the Independent Living Manager for assistance. Please put your grievance in writing in order to make it official. If you need assistance in writing down your grievance, the Independent Living manager can assist you. Your grievance must include a description of the incident(s) in question, the date of the incident(s), and a description of whatever steps you have already taken in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Once a written grievance has been received, whether by mail or by email, the Independent Living Manager will investigate the grievance and send a written reply within 10 business days of receipt.  If you desire to meet in person with the Independent Living Manager, please put this request in your letter or email.

If you feel that your concerns were not properly addressed by the Independent Living Manager, you may appeal to the Director of Programs and/or the Director of Operations. The appeal must be submitted in writing within 10 business days of your receipt of the Independent Living Manager’s response. The Directors will then assess the Independent Living Manager’s decision, and respond within 15 business days of receiving your appeal. The Directors will then uphold or reverse the actions of the Independent Living Manager.

Actions taken may be confidential in nature, and you may receive a written response that simply states that a problem was acknowledged and steps were taken to prevent a future recurrence. If you believe that you were not treated fairly even after an appeal, you may send a request to the Board of Trustees to review the grievance. Your request to the Board must include all original grievance letters and all correspondence related to the grievance that you have written or received. The Board will review any submitted grievances and respond within 45 business days of receipt.

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