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Sometimes Atlantis Community, Inc. may not have the resources, programs, or staff necessary to help in a particular situation—whether that’s due to funding constraints, limitations of our Independent Living programs, or a lack of training/knowledge (for example: we do not have anyone on staff qualified to give legal advice or provide legal services). However, that does not mean we cannot still be useful to you! Even when there is nothing we can personally do, we still have the information and networking necessary to connect people with the programs and services that they need out in the community. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new wheelchair or trying to find apartment that is affordable and accessible, Atlantis may be able to help guide you in the right direction.

Check out the database below for information on a variety of resources and organizations that can help many different situations and needs.

If you belong to an organization, please Contact Us to be added to the database or to update your organization’s page and contact information.

Joshua Station

"Joshua Station is a faith-based community helping families make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment. Since 2001, Joshua Station has provided long-term tranformational housing and support for high-risk families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency."

Denver Regional Council of Government (DRCOG)

"The Denver Regional Council of Government is a planning organization where local governments collaborate to establish guidelines, set policy, and allocate funding in areas of: 1) transportation and personal mobility, 2) growth and development and, 3) aging and disability resources."

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Jennifer Schaufele

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