The Atlantis Museum

Atlantis Community, Inc. needs your help!

We are currently developing a new, groundbreakingly accessible disability rights history museum.

In 2018, Atlantis left its programming and office space of many years. In 2020, we will be moving to a new location! Below is a preview.

The Atlantis Apartments new building simulated image

In our old space, for years and years, we gave countless disability rights history tours to our visitors. This was our glorious, grassroots, homemade museum. By providing tours through the space featuring hundreds and hundreds of articles and photographs, we have introduced hundreds and hundreds of people with and without significant disabilities to the ongoing fight for disability rights.

The old Atlantis building museum panels on the walls with photographs, articles, and community-made art

Panel with newspaper articles and photographs of Wade Blank in old Atlantis museum

Inside the old Atlantis building with ADAPT action t-shirts and photographs and newspaper articles on the walls

Panel with newspaper articles and photographs of actions related to Civil Rights 1993-1997 in old Atlantis museum

Many visitors have described a shift in their perspectives after experiencing this unique, living and growing exhibit. It empowers those who may have felt excluded, powerless, less capable. It demonstrates that any group of passionate individuals on a mission can set on a path to change the world.

ADAPT member being carried up the Capitol steps in Washington, DC, to demonstrate for the passing of the ADA.

A disability rights activist in support of the passage of the ADA

Woman in wheelchair holding baby with sign that reads, "Mom & Dad can't have sex in the Nursing Home"

ADAPT protester in support of community-based living

Newspaper article entitled "Handicapped protest curbs" from 1980

1980 Atlantis demonstration in Denver advocating for curb cuts for people who use wheelchairs

We’re just getting started, though! Next year, Atlantis will move in to our new space right where the old one stood. We will be on the first floor of a multi-phase apartment complex featuring accessible and affordable housing!

And we will continue sharing the essential stories that have led to progress for all people with disabilities.

But, we need your support to revamp our museum.

To make it more accessible for all.

To preserve it for local and international visitors.

To continue its unique, life-altering education.

Can you donate to this project?


Atlantis has already raised over $50,000 from grants and generous individual donations. We need to raise another $50,000 for:

  • Large print, tactile, and Braille letters from quotations from hundreds of news publications
    • We are trying to be the most accessible exhibit you or anyone else has ever visited!
  • Tactile photographic enlargements
    • We’re getting help from Truls Nord, an artist who uses a unique technique to create photographs for people who are blind or low vision to enjoy through touch. Check out his TEDTalk.
  • Frames for a colorful T-shirt wall displaying ADAPT t-shirts from different actions
  • A unique, large timeline on disability in society
  • Large photos of historic photographs and newspaper articles
    • Our old ones are hard to see and some are too fragile to display.
  • Self-guided audio tour technology
  • The display of panels from our previous museum so we can continue the grassroots history that is core to our community.

We advocate for policies that support civil rights of people with disabilities. Disabilities are not tragedies. They are part of the human experience and we should be proud of who we are.

But people with disabilities, all across the world, continue to experience discrimination, isolation, and stigma. The fight continues.

Will you help?

Sponsor Levels

  • Donors who support the campaign with $25 or more will be permanently recognized in The Atlantis Museum. If you would like to remain anonymous, please email

BRONZE – A donation of $25 or more.

SILVER – A donation of $50 or more.

GOLD – A donation of $75 or more.

ROSE GOLD –  A donation of $100 or more.

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Atlantis Community, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was created out of the revolution that was the disability rights movement ignited in the 1970s. We are unique because we:

  • Provide services for free to those who have a significant disability to live as independently as possible.
  • Are a real community!
    • Over half of our board and staff have disabilities.
  • Practice what we preach.
    • We are not a case management agency. Instead, we work with people and give them new tools, encouragement, and lived experience to accomplish their individualized goals.
  • Are cross-disability
    • That is, we work with people who are have any kind of significant disability or with multiple disabilities

Want to learn more about The Atlantis Apartments? Click here.