Staff Listing

Operations Department

Candie Dalton – Executive Director

Cherish Marquez – Operations Coordinator

Sam Kauffman – Grant and Contract Coordinator

Linnea Brutlag – Bookkeeping

Administrative Department 

Victoria Woods – Office Support Staff

Todd Struve – Receptionist

Juan Zavala Rubio – Office Support Staff

Gil Casarez – Peer Support/Tour Guide

Don Clubb – Peer Support/Receptionist

Mollie Brainard- Administrative Assistant

Dawn Russell – Volunteer Community Organizer

Independent Living Department

Paige Gallaher – Independent Living Manager

Jerry Frangas – Independent Living Manager

Naomi Morrow – Independent Living Specialist

Jim Freivald – Independent Living Specialist

 {Hiring} – Independent Living Specialist

Catrice Thomas – Independent Living Specialist

Amelia Smith – Independent Living Specialist

Debra Johnson – Independent Living Specialist

Heather Morrow – Independent Living Specialist

Jesse Weight – I.L. Mental Health Specialist

Sheila Dean – Information and Referral Specialist

Community Transition 

{Hiring} – Community Transition Specialist

Financial Management

Alysia Sufrin – Consumer Financial Support Specialist

Mobile Unit Independent Living Department

Robbie Roppolo – Mobile Unit I.L. Manager

{Hiring} – Mobile Unit I.L. Specialist

Section 8 Department 

Nola Nash – Housing Manager

 {Hiring} – Section 8 Coordinator

{Hiring} – Section 8 Coordinator

Dominic Sisneros – Housing List Assistant