We have moved! Our temporary entrance is located at 420 W. Cedar Ave. Denver, CO 80223.
Located in Denver, Colorado, Atlantis Community, Inc. has been your friendly neighborhood Independent Living Center for over 40 years. We support the right of people with disabilities to take control over their own lives with full and informed consent, primarily by providing a variety of consumer-directed services—from advocacy to education to transitioning people out of nursing homes and into their very own apartments.

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Pictures of old Atlantis building.Picture of new Atlantis building.Atlantis Community, Inc. needs your help!
We are currently developing a new, groundbreakingly accessible disability rights history museum.
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Atlantis Community, Inc. (ACI), advocates for all people with disabilities to be a meaningful part of an integrated community of their choice.

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Atlantis Community Foundation

Atlantis Community Foundation is a sister organization to Atlantis Community, Inc. and currently operates apartment units and properties that house persons with disabilities and non-disabled tenants. It’s newest effort is The Atlantis Apartments, which will provide accessible and affordable units to persons with disabilities and without.

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Whether you choose to give us a one-time donation or ongoing support, your gifts make up a vital part of our work in the community. Every penny we receive will go right into supporting our programs, our staff, and our goal of being the model Independent Living Center for the 21st century—while still keeping true to our grassroots and
community-driven spirit.


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Whether you email us, call us on the phone, or walk through our doors, we promise to do our best to make sure you are connected with the services and support that you need to survive and thrive.